The Nuevos Horizontes refuge (4,700 m / 15,416 ft).

The Nuevos Horizontes refuge is located at 4,700 m (15,416 ft) at the norther flanks of Illiniza Sur. It is considered the smallest high altitude refuge in the Ecuadorian Andes. Strategically built right on the saddle between Illiniza Sur and Illiniza Norte, it is the best option for those who want to push for the 6th and 8th Ecuadorian highest summits respectively, as well as for acclimatization purposes.

The refuge is being renovated by the new administration staff 2009 (Fernando Iza a Mountain Guide from Ilinizas Climbing Team ) Bunk beds, mattresses, table, kitchenware and even toilets have been replaced for new ones. Projects of extending the refuge facilities are being considered.

 Getting to the refuge

From La Virgen Parking Lot (3,900 m / 12,792) follow the well-marked and signed trail that ends up at the northern moraine ridge of Illiniza Sur, 2 hours after leaving the trailhead. Another trail continues up switchbacking by the steep scree ridge. Follow the ridge up for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes until it traverses west towards the saddle. The Nuevos Horizontes refuge is clearly visible from the ridge.

Getting to Reserva Ecologica Los Illinizas

From Terminal de Buses Quitumbe (south of Quito), take one of the several buses that leave to Machachi. There are only two bus companies that offer their service to Machachi, Transporte Mejia and Carlos Brito. You'll need to get off the bus at Mercado Central de Machachi.
Catch another bus to the town of El Chaupi (blue-and-white buses signed “El Chaupi”). They pass through the same place. The best spot to catch a ride is at “Supermercados AKI”.

Illinizas Campground.

Illinizas campground (4,700 m / 15,416 ft).
The statue of a woman milking a cow will tell you that you've arrived to El Chaupi (13 Km-bus-ride on a cobbled road).In El Chaupi  you can fine more information at Andes Alpes Hostal  or you can continue on the road towards the Illinizas parking lot (La Virgen, there's a small shrine to the virgin) which is about 9 km away.


The Nuevos Horizontes refuge has the following facilities:

The refuge has a capacity for 25 people. It doesn't have heater facilities, and lockers.
Kitchen.       Bedroom.       Bedroom.       Dining room.       Restrooms.       Campground


Refugio Nuevos Horizontes fee:

Reserva Ecologica Los Illinizas entrance fee:


Private transportation:

Public transportation:
Transportes Mejia and Carlos Brito leave every 20 minutes to Machachi from Terminal Quitumbe in Quito (USD. 0.55, 1 hour).
Transportes El Chaupi leave every 30 minutes from Machachi to El Chaupi (USD. 0.32, 40 minutes).
Other lodges / campgrounds
One of the best places to spent the night at, with warm bedrooms and hobbit-sized garret rooms, fire places, kitchen, Tv and ping pong table. Many of the parties and climbing teams start their ascension to Illiniza Norte from here. Its owner, Fernando Iza a Ecuadorian Mountain Guide  is the ex-manager of the Nuevos Horizontes refuge. He can arrange 4WD transportation up to La Virgen parking lot as well as guided hikes, climbs and horses. WhatsApp +593 981333483 English Speaker

La Virgen Campground or Bosque de Polilepis:

A few meters beyond the parking lot, there's a flat area which can be used as a potencial campground. Water is available at a nearby stream below the creek. Many parties start their ascension to Illiniza Norte and Sur from this area. Is not recommendable to leave your items unattended while climbing.
Illinizas Campground:
Located at the eastern side of the Nuevos Horizontes refuge. By setting up your tent here and paying the USD. 5.00 fee (per tent), you are entitled of using the refuge's facilities; kitchen, restrooms and water.
Glacier campground:
There's an optional campground just 50 meters beyond the refuge at the foothills of Illiniza Sur. It is located right next to a green lake in a flat area. No fees charged.
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